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  • Opatija is a twon in Primorje-Gorski Kotar County in western Croatia

  • It is located 18km southwest of the regional capital Rijeka, about 90km from Trieste by rail and 82km from Pula by road

  • Opatija is a popular summer and winter resort, with average high temperatures of 10 °C in winter and 32 °C in summer.

  • The whole sea-coast to the north and south of Opatija is rocky and picturesque, and contains several smaller winter resorts

Lungo Mare

A walk alongside the Lungomare (promenade) offers beautiful Adriatic impressions. The ocean's sound and the pleasant smell of the Mediterranean flora flourishing here will accompany you on this path. Along the seafront that connects the beaches Sipar and Sv. Ivan, there are magnificent old villas and the best of them is the Villa Zagreb. All day long the terraces of the few cafés and restaurants along the promenade that invite you to linger are bustling with activity. The guests relax, watching the sea and dolphins playing with each other not far from the coast may be occasionally observed as well

Maiden with the Seagull

The replacement of the sculpture of Madonna is a sculpture of a maiden holding seagull in one hand on the rocks of Opatija's shore of Adriatic sea. This young girl, clad in a light shift, her palm outstretched to a fluttering seagull, embodies life on the Adriatic – light, breezy, carefree, with a hint of elegance.


Volosko is the northern part of Opatija on the road towards Kastav & Rijeka. The famous movie "The Legacy Run"'s many scenes were shot in Volosko, although most of it was shot in Opatija-Rijeka. Volosko is situated in the west side of Preluka Bay, which is known for good windsurfing and sailing conditions.

Villa Angiolina


This is the building that definitely marked the beginning of the tourist epoch in the history of Opatija. Pending its building in 1844. (actually a reconstruction of an older building owned by baron Haller von Hallerxtein); Opatija was relatively large settlment with about 120 houses, clustered mainly around plots further away from the sea coast and chiefly oriented towards fishing and sea-facing. With the arrival of Iginio Scarpa, a partician from Rijeka, and building of his summer house Angiolina (named after Scarpa’s then already deceased wife), Opatija opened her doors to a whole line of guests and passengers, among whom it is noteworthy to mention the Austrian empress Mary Ann, the botanist Heinrich Noë, the croatian ban Josip Jelačić and others who in their enthusiasm for the local vegetation and climate spread the fame about Opatija and thus prepared the ground for the future health resort.

Moscenicka Draga

This is a municipality in Primorje-Gorski Kotar Kotar County, Croatia. It is situated southwest of Opatija under Mt. Učka. The center of the municipality has a tourist resort with two beaches, small marina and walking paths.

Slatina Beach


This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Opatija. It is located in the centre of the town and attracts swimmers in summer and nature enthusiasts in winter. It is a concrete beach, with nice concrete tiles, mostly placed in semicircular way with an adapted sea entrance.

  • Villa Kapetanovic

  • Navis

  • Bristol by OHM Group

  • Savoy

  • Kon-Tiki

  • Angiolina

  • Hemingway

  • Cafe Bar Morcic 

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