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Heathrow VIP

What to expect during your Heathrow VIP service

Arriving Guests (Your flight is landing at Heathrow)

• You feel special from the moment you land because we meet you from your aircraft, either on the airbridge or at the foot of the aircraft steps

• We take your baggage tags and drive you to our VIP suite by private luxury chauffeurdriven car. Meanwhile our baggage team arranges the collection of your bags

• We show you to your own private lounge where you can relax while we serve a full menu of food and drinks

• We show your passport and other documents to immigration officials. You are present but do not need to take an active part unless they need more information or additional checks

• After the formalities of customs and immigration are over, you are free to leave the airport and continue your journey. 

• The Heathrow VIP chauffeur service will take you to any address in the UK. 

Note: If your own chauffeur is picking you up from Heathrow, please let us know your driver’s name and car registration number so that we can arrange smooth access to the VIP forecourt. If we don’t have those details, there could be delay.

Departing Guests (Your flight is leaving from Heathrow)

• The Heathrow VIP chauffeur service picks you up from any address in the UK. Journeys of up to 25 miles (includes central London) are complimentary. 

• If you prefer to make your own way here, please arrive at your Heathrow VIP suite at least 90 minutes before your flight time. Late arrivals risk missing their flight.

• If you would like to go shopping or reclaim the VAT on your purchases, please let us know in advance. For shopping and VAT reclaims you should arrive at least two hours before your flight. If you have many items for VAT reclaim or would like a longer shopping experience

• We greet you upon arrival and escort you to your private lounge

• We organise your luggage and place it in the care of your airline. We hand the baggage tags to you so you can pick up your bags at your destination

• We arrange check-in with your airline, for which we will need your passports and any boarding requests

• You are free to relax in your private lounge, order food and drink, go shopping, reclaim VAT or pass the time however you please

• You travel to your aircraft by luxury chauffeur-driven car Please note: Please let us know if you prefer to board your flight early.

• You enjoy the benefits of arriving and departing guests. We manage all the formalities, you travel to and from your aircraft by private luxury chauffeur-driven car and enjoy the same fine menu of food and drinks

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Heathrow Vip
Heathrow Vip
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Heathrow VIP gives you privacy, luxury and time to yourself. You can focus on the things that matter to you because we manage all the formalities on your behalf. We try to organise things in a way that keeps your involvement to the minimum and which maintains privacy and discretion at all times. On occasions, officials from Border Force or customs will want to speak with you directly or conduct security searches.


Flying with Heathrow VIP feels like checking in for your own private jet. When you arrive, we take your passports, your flight details and your luggage, and hand everything over to your airline for checking in. They weigh, tag and process your bags, and issue us with your boarding cards and baggage tags. We return your passports, boarding cards and baggage tags to you.


We have our own private security lanes within our Heathrow VIP suites. Please note that the security rules for Heathrow VIP guests are identical to those for other passengers. We will give you plenty of notice to make sure you go through security in good time to catch your flight. Our security staff may ask to search you. We have a private room to keep searches discreet.



We show your passports and other documentation to Border Force officers. Depending on circumstances, they may ask to see you. They will expect you to answer their questions and comply with any requests.



All Heathrow VIP guests must comply with standard UK customs regulations. We will manage the formalities for you and, if you have anything to declare, liaise with customs on your behalf. In most cases you can stay within the comfort of your VIP lounge throughout the process.

Vip Services


We have created a globally representative menu of grazing plates which are endlessly elegant, showcasing the very best of seasonal ingredients with an international appeal, this menu has been created to delight the palate of our guests and for everyone to enjoy. We understand that food allergies present a serious problem to some people and our catering team will do their best to provide you with the information that you need to help you make your choice of food. Please speak to catering manager if you consider yourself to be at risk.



As a Heathrow VIP guest, you are entitled to a luxury chauffeur-driven car to bring you to, or take you from, your Heathrow VIP suite. Our chauffeur service is convenient and time-saving. It brings you straight into the airport’s VIP suite and avoids any delays at the gate for driver and vehicle checks. The service is complimentary for guests travelling within 25 miles. Our service partner, Wilson James*, has a team of experienced and security-cleared chauffeurs to ensure your journey is as luxurious as your visit to Heathrow. They can pick you up or take you wherever you need to be at short notice. We will arrange your luxury chauffeur-driven car at the time you book. We allocate vehicles according to the size of your group and availability.​​​

There are no charges for changing the date or time. Charges do apply if your chauffeur-driven journey involves a fee, ie the distance is greater than 25 miles or you need a second car.

Changes with more than 24 hours’ notice: 10% of quoted fare

Changes with more than 12 hours’, and less than 24 hours’, notice: 50% of quoted fare

Changes with less than 12 hours’ notice: 100% of quoted fare​

If your airline cancels your flight, we will refund your fees in full and give you the opportunity to rebook. Cancellations for any other reason are not permitted.

Theatre Food Service

Theatre Food Service


We provide everything you need within your private VIP suite, including a varied and imaginative range of complimentary food and drinks. By offering a great selection ranging from light snacks to more indulgent options, we help you feel as relaxed at Heathrow VIP as you would be in your own home. We also offer a fine selection of wines, beers, mixers and champagnes as well as fresh juices and soft drinks. Whilst every care has been taken to ensure the cross-contamination is minimal within our kitchens, circumstances may arise which are out of our control and could alter the accuracy of the allergen information provided.


Customised & Private Service

An understanding that your time is precious and you want to spend it however you wish. It’s a private and personal service like no other, offering a luxurious and exclusive transition through Heathrow. We understand that everyone is unique and every journey is individual, therefore we ensure our service is tailored to your requirements every time you visit. In addition to world class service delivery, our team is committed to ensuring our customers enjoy a seamless and memorable experience during their time spent with us. We provide exclusive private suites across the airport. Each lounge has been designed with privacy in mind, making sure you are comfortable before and after your journey. Our luxury chauffeur service will pick you up from your home or hotel and bring you to our own private entrance at Heathrow. Here you’ll enjoy the sanctuary and calm of VIP and your own lounge.



We provide so much retailing choice, it can be helpful to have an expert guide – especially one who is fluent in your language. Our multilingual team of personal shoppers are here to help you get the most from your airport shopping. If time is tight or you prefer to stay in the comfort of your lounge, your personal shopper will pick up what you need. Just ask, and we will arrange everything for you. If you are travelling within the UK or EU, our free Shop & Collect service may be helpful. The service enables you to buy goods when you depart, and pick them up when you return.

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