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Welcome to India

India Overview

India is an outstandingly lovely and structurally various nation loaded up with monuments, forts, mosques, temples, landmarks and old vestiges. Home to the world's most seasoned civilisation, the engineering of India is established in its history, religion and culture. Structural styles have advanced affected by innumerable lines and additionally the frontier time frame. There are presently 32 UNESCO World Legacy recorded destinations the country over, making India a fortune trove for history buffs and plan aficionados.


The best time to visit India is from October to March. India is large with diverse weather patterns. The Himalayas stop cold winds from reaching most of India so winters remain warm and summers can get very hot. The majority of India is tropical and is affected by three main seasons; summer, winter and monsoon.


The food alone is reason enough to travel to India. Perhaps no other country can offer the range of cuisine that India does. There’s no such thing as typical Indian food; from Kerala to Kolkata there’s a smorgasbord of fabulous regional dishes to be discovered, beyond the familiar favourites of chicken tikka masala, rogan josh, malai kofta and tandoori butter naan, which can often be harder to find in India than in the UK. Indians take their food very seriously and the cuisine, just like the country itself, is incredibly diverse. 


India is a vast South Asian country with diverse terrain. Indian languages, languages spoken in the state of India, generally classified as belonging to thier families.


India’s palm-fringed southern beaches are the ideal escape from the frenetic pace of the north. While many of the popular beach destinations in Goa are now crowded, the state’s southern, more remote beaches are quiet and more pristine. My favourites are Agonda and Palolem, about 90 minutes south of Goa’s airport.


The Visa validity has been increased to 60 days from the previous 30 days,from the day of arrival in India. After the immigration clearance at the airport the immigration officer will stamp your visa. The visas are non-extendable and non-convertible. If you are in need of a multiple entry visa, you need to apply for a sticker visa which is  valid for 10 years. For these visas, you need to fix an appointment with the Indian embassy and submit the application in person.

India Destinations
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